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Beginners: Practice just for fun

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This is my kid.

He plays the sax, ukele, and piano.

Here's the thing: He didn't always play the sax, ukele, and piano. There was a time when he didn't play anything at all.

And that's the point.

Everyone who became great started off not great.

Everyone who loves what they do started off struggling and being wobbly in the knees.


But if you can keep smiling (like him) and keep being interested and curious (like him), and you keep asking questions and keep taking risks and keep making mistakes and keep learning from them (like him), you could end up...well.. like him.


On the far right behind the (outstanding) guy with the blue hair, gettin' down with his bad self with other bad selves at the Stuffd Burrito in downtown Ypsilanti, Michigan.

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