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Join Tina and her wise dog Lewis as they learn how to save, invest and donate their money. I wrote the music. Read by comedian Ron Lynch and singer Leily Sanchez, this book is both a fun adventure and a learning experience. 

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The Three Dimes

Tina is a smart girl. She goes to Preston Elementary School.

Lewis is a very wise dog. No one knows how old he is, but everyone knows he is a special dog.

Tina and Lewis are best friends.

One day, Lewis found Tina digging in the garden. "What are you doing?" Lewis asked.

"Mommy and I buried seeds to make these plants grow", Tina explained. "I want my money to grow too, so I am burying my money."

"Ha ha ha ha ha",  Lewis chuckled. He could see how smart Tina was. He also saw he would have to help her.

"You can grow flowers by burying the seeds and fertilizing them", Lewis said. "You can even grow fruits and vegetables by burying the seeds and tending to them. But you cannot grow money by burying it".

Tina stopped digging. " do you make money grow?" she asked.

Lewis sat down next to her. "Well, first you have to earn the money. You can do chores, or you can tutor, or you can sell something. There are many ways to earn money."

Tina smiled. "I earned my allowance by tutoring."

Lewis smiled back. "That is a very good way to earn money. Now I'm going to show you what to do after you earn it.

"For every dollar you earn, you can spend seventy cents. You can buy books, or go to a play, or have a fancy meal. That is your money, and you can spend it any way you wish."

Tina smiled."I will spend my seventy cents on the latest Shazam Cryptogram.

"But I have three dimes left. What will I do with those?"

Lewis continued. "Ah yes, the three dimes. These dimes are special. These dimes are the ones that will grow".

* * * 

What happens next? Find out!

To purchase the audiobook for $4.95, click here:

Author: Tina L. Dezerne
Illustrations: Martin Sym Smith

Lewis: Ron Lynch
Tina: Leily Sanchez
Narrator: Tina L. Dezerne
Opening proclamation: Gabriela Crowe
Background voices: Gabriela Crowe



This book is not intended to provide financial services. It's just a kid's book. See your financial advisor for specifics on how to save, give and invest.

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