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Feelings in my aorta

I performed with my son over the weekend.

It is impossible to share in English words exactly how my heart felt or my soul soared or the stars shone through and illuminated the Goodness of each and every being in the auditorium due to those six minutes and forty-eight seconds on stage together.

So, I'll just say that all that training, all that practice, all that frustration of trying to get your muscles to go right, all of it is worth it to have transcendent moments like that.

Mind you--this wasn't Carnegie Hall, OK? 

But it was my Carnegie Hall.

And actually, the Ypsilanti Youth Orchestra does not sound like a youth orchestra, and the jazz ensemble members--including my son--perform in real venues where people pay to eat.

The point is, you will experience moments where you're like, "I did that thing. Whoa".

And it is pretty amazing.

Call me for a lesson, and let's have fun.

(313) 919.2806

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