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I played the piano today.

That seems like a ridiculous statement--I am a piano instructor, after all--but I often don't have time to simply play.

This morning, I woke up, grateful to be alive. After some morning yoga, breakfast and contemplation time as the sun rose, I realized that I had a few rare hours to do absolutely nothing. No appointments, no kids, and no laundry or dishes or cleaning or phone calls that needed to be attended to.


Sitting down to play in that mindset is what I imagine it is like to get into your own plane and take off. I can go anywhere in time--cave man days, beating on the side, 17th century clinky-clinky, 70s disco, 90s electronic (Axel Foley, anyone?), back to the American 40s with Thelonoious Monk and then the Cuban 50s with Ruben Gonzalez and then to 2014 to Shake It Off to anywhere I want to go.

I love it so.much.

There's nothing like it.



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