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Nostril gases.

I cannot do what I do at the level I do it at without meditation. This is the secret to being able to do all that I do every day. (That and a bunch of other stuff, but let's start here).

This is a way to meditate. 

(There are a bazillion ways. This is just one. Start here to get an idea).

Set a reliable timer for two minutes. Or five minutes. Or ten minutes. 

Sit down.

Get comfortable. This is important. Get really comfortable.

Closing my eyes helps me. Some don't like it. Decide for yourself.

Then, ponder and mentally try to answer these kinds of questions:

1. Is the temperature of the air going in your nose different from the temperature of the air going out?

2. Is the air going in both nostrils at the same time?

3. Does it seem like one nostril gets more inhalation than the other?

4. Where does the air feel strongest above your lip? Is there any humidity?

Fluctuate between these types of questions in your mind. The idea is to kind of analyze your breath and its patterns. What's it doin'? What's it like? If you were brand new on earth, and you just now came to inhabit this body, and your assignment was to share this wondrous mechanism of inhalation/exhalation, how would you describe it? 

If other thoughts come into your mind ("Did I eat breakfast? When is this timer going off? My butt itches") then just chuckle to yourself and go back to thinking about the air going into and out of your nostrils.

Full effort yields full results. Full effort means doing your best in every moment, even if you notice that you are way off task. When you notice you're off task, notice it fully ("How did I start thinking about [insert wild crazy thought stream]?"), then on purpose go back to your nostril thing. If you diverge a billion times, just be like, "Welp, *shrugs * there I go again", smile and go back to your nostril gases. No judgment, k?

When the timer goes off, think about what you just did. Don't just jump up and run out to the fruit market to get blueberries; take a second to really think about what happened there.

That's it.

Do it on the regular and see what happens to your performances. And your life.

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