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Wake up.

Breathe. Piano lessons Whole person approach

Wake up to the music of your life.

Breathe fully. Right now.

When drinking water, drink the water.

When eating food, eat the food.

Do your clothes suit who you are now? Do they fit well? Do they feel luxurious against your skin?

When was the last time you winked at yourself appreciatively as you left your home?

Do your pets and plants know you care about them? How?

Look around your living room, your practice space, your kitchen, your automobile, your closets, your bathroom. Appreciate each. 

Throw that away. Yes, that thing you've been hanging onto for forever. "That" could be pants from 10th grade or a dead plant or a grudge or story that's holding you back or old socks.

Turn up the music in your life. Turn off the noise.

Wake up.

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