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We don't care about competitions.


Here's why:

What is being measured during competitions?

Technical acumen?

Well, technical virtuosity should be valued. It is better to have good technique so that when you want to emote, you're not tripping all over your fingers trying to do it.

Technical virtuosity for the sake of showing off is also alright. Everybody likes a good blues run now and again, and if you can do it while throwing in a popular passage from a Mozart piece, well then do your thang, baby.

But measuring technical ability as a measure of a musician is flawed.

So is trying to measure artistic expression.

Who gets to decide whether your artistic expression is better than somebody else's artistic expression? Keith Godchaux and Bernie Worrell go at it in the other dimension. Who would win here? And how do you measure that?

And depending on where you are on the piano studies path, your ability to express your emotions precisely the way you wish may be eluding you simply because you haven't been in the game long enough.

Competitions can be self motivating--I'm gonna play this concerto by this date for this competition. It ups your game because now you have a specific goal with a specific end date; it makes you hungry to get measure xyz precisely to make it sound effortless; makes you study and live and breathe your music in a way that you may never have, or in a way that you may have forgotten you used to do. And everybody likes toys and money, physical rewards that you sometimes get at the end of it all.

But to use the toys and money as a measure of your pianist's musicianship or whether the student is marketable and sale-able, well, that seems to cheapen it all. Besides, it's the pianists who go against the grain that get to do all the dream stuff--the Elton Johns, Tori Amoses, Ray Manzareks, Mitsuko Uchidas. We don't need more of them. 

We need you.

So learn with us. We will teach you the science of what you are doing--how you are physically changing your environment and your body and everybody's body who can feel the vibrations--and then show you how to uncover the genius that lies within so that you can speak without talking. That's what good technique and solid music theory can do for you.

And yes, you can work that magic. Believe that.

Because we do.


Lessons are always $1 a minute with a 20 minute minimum. 313.919.2806

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