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Become a piano instructor.

Piano Instructors change lives.

You can help people check off an item on their bucket lists, inspire a young person to write that song, or even create great joy in someone's home.

Benefits abound:

  • All instructors begin at $25 per hour, freelance. You will get paid within 48 hours.

  • You will become part of a team. A blue top and black skirt or pants will be provided. Your uniform is provided by designer Massimo. Alterations are included.

  • You create your hours. Work where and when you want to work. (Michigan).

  • *June 2019: We are working with Blue Shield of Michigan so that after a certain number of instructional hours, teachers will be able to pay into the group insurance plan.


A. You are proficient on the piano. You'll be asked to perform something you enjoy. You might even be asked to sit in on a song.

B. You can pass a background check.

C. You have at least a Bachelor's degree. A Master's in teaching, library science, STEAM field, or a terminal degree in the arts is strongly preferred.

D. You score at least 90% on this test.

How to Apply: Send your resume and the answers to your test to Please write "Application" in the subject line. If you have any links showing your teaching skills, include those as well.

Executive Assistant to the CEO

You love music, you love education, and you are wonderfully organized. In addition, yours is the first voice a prospective student or client will hear. Superb phone presence is essential. Warmth, personality, and a smiling demeanor with clear, over-the-phone diction are what we are looking for. ESL candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

You will:

  • Schedule students
  • Schedule training with instructors 
  • Assist in planning workshops and seminars
  • Depending on qualifications, design curriculum (extra compensation is provided for this)
  • Sometimes pick up and drop off students who are unable to drive. You will drive the company car. A chaueffer's license is required for this job.
  • There is some travel involved.

This is a telecommuting position.


Clear DMV report

Pass a background check--there is some international travel 

Excellent speaking skills

Excellent organizational skills

Enjoys driving

Works well with everybody; be able to describe yourself as pretty easy going, and you get the job done better than anybody else

You can take the initiative when necessary

Preferred requirements:

Bachelor's degree in a STEAM field (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics)


Plays the piano

Lives in Ypsilanti

To apply, send your CV or resume to In the subject line, please write "CEO Executive Assistant".


 We are a Michigan company. We do not discriminate.