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Let us teach you.


Classes. One-on-one help always helps.

There are no materials to purchase after you sign up for these courses. When the class is over, you will be able to use scientific principles to explain almost anything a student has trouble with. If we do our jobs right, the information should all be in your head and heart.

That's why you should see an improvement in your studio enrollment, parental involvement, sales force, and joy in the student--because your foundation will become stronger than ever.

Choose between:

A. 90 minute, Get-To-The-Point Rigorous Essential Class. 

This is for those who already basically understand or wish to refresh their knowledge of acoustics and anatomy and physiology, and consider themselves seasoned instructors.

  • Anatomy of the ear, brain, arms, legs, back, lungs
  • Elements of the piano--its construction, differences between uprights and grands
  • Acoustical terminology--longitudinal waves, sine and cosine waves, etc.
  • Lesson planning--including objectives, methodology, evaluation, continuation
  • Jam sessions end the course
  • And we always end on time
  • Email us at

B. Two Day, I-Now-Know-Everything Course

This is two days of learning (or relearning) the details:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Acoustics (the science of sound)
  • Construction of the piano and the intricacies of materials
  • How sound affects...everything
  • Lesson planning, encouragement and motivation exercises, and inspiration
  • Jam sessions and practice teaching scenarios end each portion, so that you can apply what you learned
  • Email us at

Sales and Corporate Training--Four to Six Hours

This intensive is for piano and keyboard sales teams, as well as developers, distributors, and other corporate entities. Intense it is--it is entirely researched-based and designed to dramatically improve your approach to selling.

The number one question customers have when buying a piano is, "What is the difference between this $5,000 piano and this $50,000?" Science holds the answer.

If you know, scientifically, how it all works, then you can answer this and almost any other question a customer has--and you will simultaneously educate. 

Everybody likes to geek out on this new shiny thing they got. This course will help ensure repeat customers and referrals because we are the Piano Geeks. Your customers will be able to return to you again and again for information on taking care of their instrument.


  • How the piano works 
  • How your body receives sound
  • How your environment is affected.

And then:

  • "Sales training"

We act out real life scenarios in which we practice what you've just learned. You learn how to sell by teaching this, and you will learn how to teach this by laughing. Exercises and demonstrations run this course--no boring sit down lectures here. And we always end on time. Email us at

By the end of the course, every sales person will be able to explain clearly how the piano works, why one piano may cost more than another piano, and why learning on a piano is far superior to learning on a keyboard--using clear, irrefutable scientific knowledge. 

Music Studio Rehabilitation Services--Six Months

The Music Studio Rehabilitation Services consist of business coaching, educational professional development workshops, accounting and bookkeeping, and motivational/inspirational cheerleading unlike anything you have ever experienced.

This is a program specifically designed for you and your company to help you achieve a specific set of goals that you have found elusive--and you will achieve them, and do so with great cheer and energy.

And then you'll be able to teach the principles to others, thereby ensuring a legacy of positive change. This is what makes our program different from everyone else's: it isn't enough that you succeed. You will able to teach this to someone else and help them succeed as well. 

You will work directly with the CEO of The Piano Instructor, who holds a Master's degree in teaching, and together you will take on the obstacles that seem to be blocking your success. Working with an award-winning 25 year veteran teacher trained to help others succeed who also happens to be a performer and a person who runs her own successful company AND someone who understands the industry makes The Piano Instructor the obvious choice. Call Tina Van Ochten directly at 313.919.2806.