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The Exponential Resilience Program

Exponential Resilience is the gradual expansion of a person’s inner strength, initiated by tiny, seemingly insignificant linchpin behaviors, and repeated deliberately and consistently over time.

In other words, tiny changes can create great results. 

The Exponential Resilience Program was developed by The PI Master Teachers--The Piano Instructor teachers who've earned Master's degrees in teaching. 

It is a step-by-step, easily understandable method to help achieve educational and academic goals, sales targets, and career objectives.

We use it when teaching piano, when writing curriculum, and when training teachers. This is the program that earns us rave reviews year after year.

Who can benefit from The Exponential Resilience Program? Anyone who seeks to:

  • Embrace artistic goals and performances
  • Incorporate and use success principles
  • Focus on personal growth
  • Facilitate business expansion
  • Pursue academic achievement 

The steps are simple--tiny, even.
It is our unique approach that ensures continued success long after the program is over. 

What is Exponential Resilience?

We start with the basic idea of your organization, then find the tiny things that are taking you away from your basic idea and that's blocking you from your growth.

The adjustment of those tiny things is the Exponential part--often, tiny changes create very large results.

* We add one critical step that almost all business coaches miss:

After we help you focus, and help you expand, and after you see quantitative evidence of your expansion (the numbers), we then show you how to integrate what you've learned into your whole organization so that everyone in the organization is on-board with you. That way, as you change, everyone understands what is expected of them, and those people, your circle of influence, can help sustain the change, and even help you when you need it most.

That's the Resilience part--it is the ability to recover from adversity. We teach this.

We have been doing this for years to great success. Call Tina Van Ochten directly at 313.919.2806.