We train piano instructors.

What do we do?

  1. We show how to write imaginative, effective lessons (and include them for you to take and use that day);

  2. We show you how to apply what we teach (so jam sessions are part of the workshops--that's the only way to know if what you're learning can actually be applied in the real world);

  3. If it's K-12, we show how it all applies to the standards;

  4. and for everyone, we present the latest research in neuroscience, learning and technology.

We can do a 50 minute professional development workshop for an after school meeting, and we can design a five day summer seminar that dives deeply into the concepts you choose. With 20 years of award (and grant) winning experience writing curriculum and teaching from first grade up to graduate students and serving as administrators and working as performers, we can tailor your lessons to exactly what you need.